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I'm Madeline, a visual and product (UI/UX) designer based in San Diego, CA. I craft thoughtful design solutions for complex, science-focused content. 


I enjoy helping startups in biotech, healthtech and the life sciences distill complicated concepts through elegant digital products.

About me

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I'm a designer who transforms complex ideas into elegant design solutions.

I enjoy collaborating with stakeholders in biotech, healthtech and life science to create meaningful digital products

Elegant Design Solutions for
Complex, Science-Focused Content
My background is in visual design, visual journalism and informational graphics. Over the last ten years as a (graphic-turned-visual-now-product) designer, I've applied these disciplines of 'form meets function' to help organizations in the biotech, healthcare and life sciences improve their science communication and highly-technical digital outputs. Using these tools of design thinking and human-centered design approaches to distill complex information is what drives me as a designer. Today, I'm excited by the challenge of creating new tools and products to empower scientists and science communicators, healthcare providers and patients, technologists and techies, and other humans at the intersection of science and innovation.

Currently, I'm Design Lead / Founder at Communiqué and a Creative Partner at Little Dog Communications.

In past design lives, I was a Senior Designer / Art Director at Messina Design in San Diego, CA, a Brand Designer at Great Ecology in La Jolla, CA, and a Digital Designer at The Bernard Hodes Group in New York, NY.

In my downtime, you'll find me traveling, e-biking to the market, bouldering and walking my Shepard-mix rescue Luna on the beaches of San Diego. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Visual design, craft, macro design, distilling complex concepts, Gestalt principles, design as communication, learning as I go...

Growth areas

Granular flows, micro design, conditional states, slowing down and allowing for space to drill down...

Luna, working hard or... 



making data beautiful

Nothing makes me happier than function taking an elegant form.

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